1st Grade

Dear 1st Grade Families,

I’m going to post some favorite activities here that we have been doing in music class.

Lately we’ve been chanting “When I Was One” as a warm-up! Click on Grade 1 and scroll down to number 73 to hear the recording.  Now that they’re home, they can actually sing it!

We’ve also started reading and clapping some simple rhythms together.  Click here and then on either 01 or 02 for your child to practice echoing rhythms.  Encourage them to use their egg shaker or rhythm sticks!

They can do the same to practice their solfa singing.  Click here and then on 01, 02 or 03.

Lately we’ve also been exploring Saint-Saens’ “Carnival of the Animals“.  Among their favorites have been the “Lion,” “Kangaroos”, “Aquarium”.  You’ll have to scroll down until you find the animal and then click on “Intro” for that animal.

Another favorite activity is the story of “Mortimer”.  They can listen to the author, Robert Munsch, reading the story and join in – they know what to do (Note: They should have their egg shakers ready!).

Hopefully these things will be just as successful at home as they have been in school.  Enjoy!

Mrs. Iltis