Back to it…

Hello Everyone,

I hope that you enjoyed your week and were able to do some fun things with those that you love.  I began a bathroom project which is not yet complete (and may not be for some time 🙂 ) and my daughter and I embarked on various smaller home improvements as well – moving furniture around, cleaning, painting.   It is a good time for projects in our house.  I hope there are some silver linings for all of you as well during this strange time that we’re living in right now.

As we move forward with music together this week, I want to encourage you to do what you can, but not to feel stressed if you can’t do it all.  I’m giving you a lot of suggestions for activities on the blog pages each week, but do what feels right and comfortable for you and your child right now.  I don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed.  If paper packets are easier for you, please communicate that to me as well, and I will make sure that you get those.

Please have a good week and remember to listen to some music…

“A great song should lift your heart, warm the soul and make you feel good.” – Colbie Caillat

Take good care everyone!

Mrs. Iltis