Welcome back!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog and another school year at LCS.  Hopefully we won’t have to use this too much going forward (in person teaching has been SO much more enjoyable!) but it is a handy place for kiddos (and their parents) to access musically related resources.

So far, we have had a great start to our year despite the restrictions that have had to be placed on our music program.  Yes, we all miss band and chorus, but middle school students have really stepped up as we learn to use Garageband to score short films, and 4th and 5th grades are already so well versed in the music literacy they will need to succeed on instruments when we CAN play and sing at school again! K-3rd grades are just plain fun!

So… I’m optimistic and I continue to thoroughly enjoy teaching your children and being part of such a supportive school community.  Please feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns as we continue to navigate this school year together.  Stay well!

Mrs. Iltis