3rd Grade

Dear 3rd Grade Families,

I’m going to post some favorite activities here that we have been doing in music class.

Our newest warm-up song is “Head and Shoulders Baby“.  This is a super fun movement song that we usually get to do with partners.  The great thing is that if you’re doing this at home you CAN do this with a partner.  Once you get the hang of the song look at the Kids Demo (One of the buttons located over the video) to watch how to do it!.  Encourage your child to sing the song now that they’re at home.

We’ve also been talking a lot about articulation – particularly notes that are smoothly connected (legato) versus notes that are short and separated (staccato).  Go back to the Musicplay site and look in the side bar on the right to find a game called “Smooth and Separated”.  It’s green with a frog on it : ).

Next, you could work on some rhythm. Click here to play a game called “Poison Rhythm”.  Lately we’ve worked on ti-tika.  Have your child click on the tab with ti-tika to play.

We also try to practice singing our solfa syllables (do, re, mi, etc.) on a regular basis.  Click here to echo some simple melodies.  We’ve been working on Mi-Re-Do.

We’ve also begun listening to some music by Beethoven.  Click here to go the listening page.  Click on Kit 3 and scroll down until you see  the “Turkish March”.   Click on “ribbon” to do a dance with a movement scarf and then click on “composer”  watch a video about Beethoven.


Have fun and let me know how things go!

Mrs. Iltis