4th Grade

Hello 4th Graders,

Let’s talk recorders! Here is your very first lesson where you will be reminded about how to correctly make your first sounds on the recorder, how to play the note “B”, and how to use your tongue to separate your notes (a technique you will also use when you start playing band instruments).

The second lesson will show you how to play “A” and “G”.

Finally, you’re going to put these together to learn how to play “Hot Cross Buns”!

After you have practiced this song and feel confident in your performance, either make a Flipgrid video and submit it or have a family member make a video and email  it to me!  If you want to try Flipgrid and are in Mrs. E’s class, click here.  If you are in Mrs. B’s class, click here.

Here are all the Recorder Karate songs in one place.  Click on the three lines next to “How to Hold Your Recorder” to get to the song that you need.  After you bring up the video that you need, click the X to get rid of the list of songs so you can see the video.  (Note:  Be sure to practice the song with the video to check your rhythm!)

And here is the link to “My Paddle” (aka “The Canoe Song”). You will need to scroll down to number 21 and click on the title.