5th Grade

Hello 5th Graders!

Here are some links for ukulele that should be fun and help you move forward with your learning.  Remember, things will get easier as you practice!

First, in case you forgot, here’s how to tune up…

Then, Little Kids Rock to get those chords solid…

Songs with C, G, Ami, and F

New this week!!


A fun “Riptide” play-a-long!  Remember, with Youtube you can slow it down if you need to.

Finally, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  Can’t wait to have fun with these next week so practice, practice, practice!!

And DON’T forget about your recorders!!!

Here are links to all of your FAVORITE Recorder Karate 1 songs…

Hot Cross Buns

Gently Sleep

Merrily We Roll Along

It’s Raining

Old MacDonald

When the Saints

Twinkle, Twinkle

Amazing Grace

Ode to Joy

Listen and play along with as many as you can.  Then, either record yourself playing the last song you can play in Recorder Karate on Flipgrid or have someone in your family take a video of you playing and email or text it to me.  My phone number and email address are on the handout you should have brought home.

Once you are comfortably playing all of the Recorder Karate songs, you can start Recorder Karate 2.  Here are video recordings of each song.  Please make sure that you listen to each recording and be able to play along with it before you record your video.  I’m looking forward to hearing what you can do with these songs now that you’re in fifth grade.  Have fun!

Mrs. Iltis