Hello Kindergarten Families,                                                         January

I’m going to post some favorite activities here that we have been doing in music class.

Here is a link to our “Hello Chant” that we do each and every music class.  Scroll down to the movie for them to listen and chant along.

Lately, we’ve been exploring all things snow!  Here is a lovely song that we’ve been enjoying with our scarves.  (Note: Be sure to click on “Snowflakes are Falling – scarves”.)  Encourage your child to sing along when they know the song.  Since they have no singing opportunities at school right now this is particularly important!

We have been moving to basic note values for a while to prepare us for reading rhythms that use quarter notes, eighth notes and quarter rest.  We’re now starting to read and perform some basic rhythms.  Click here to practice these. Click on “Echo Rhythm” and below that click on the second tab from the left.  This will give you some rhythms to echo.

We continue to explore Saint-Saens’ “Carnival of the Animals”.  There are a LOT of animals.  Our two latest movements are entitled “Cuckoo in the Heart of the Woods” (Count the times that you see the cuckoo!) and “Aviary” You’ll have to scroll down until you find the animal and then click on “Intro” for that animal.

In keeping with our snow theme, we are just beginning “Froggy Gets Dressed”.  Here is the story.  When we read this in music class, every piece of clothing has a different instrument sound.  Perhaps you could find some different sounds in your kitchen when you run out of instruments.


Mrs. Iltis