In the wake of the storm…

OK, so maybe I was just the teensiest bit premature when I was singing the wonders of spring in my last post – that’s Maine for you.  One of these days we’ll get a generator!

All that aside, I hope you’re all recovered and getting back to it (whatever “it” is).  Things have changed again, and yet they haven’t.  We aren’t going back to school this year, BUT we’ll keep working and learning and improving with an eye toward being the best we can be.  And when we go back to school in September, we’ll be ready to play and sing together like never before.  That is my hope.  Don’t stop learning and practicing.  Don’t give up!  Make the most of this precious, uninterrupted, focused time that you have right now to improve and grow.

                                                                                     Mrs. Iltis